Christian Hundertmark / C100, *1974, is an artist and creative/art director based in Munich, Germany.
His sketch „Bat Man“ in 1989 was the ignition for a career as a graffiti writer for more than 10 years. During his graphic design studies he discovered street art in 2000 and since then keeps himself busy working on various art projects and exhibitions. He is also author of the bestselling books series „The Art of Rebellion I, II, III & IV“, that came out in 2003, 2005 & 2010 and sold over 80.000 copies worldwide. His works are published in various books and magazines.
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Together with his friend Patrick Hartl he forms the collective Layer Cake, see their work here:
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Exhibitions and group shows:

Residence K – Zurich (Switzerland), 2016
Dein Viertel /Deine Leinwand – Munich (Germany), 2016
“Buchstabenarchitektur” (SweetUno/Patrick Hartl/ Formula76 / C100) – Stuttgart (Germany), 2016
Firstpagegallery – Munich (Germany), 2016
Undplus Gallery Store – Berlin (Germany), 2016
Born 1974, Grafik14 – Zürich (Switzerland), 2014
So Far, So Good, So What?, Helmet Gallery – Munich (Germany), 2011
So Far, So Good, So What?, Nina Sagt Gallery – Düsseldorf (Germany), 2011
Undplus Gallery Store – Berlin (Germany), 2010
Siren #2, Helmet Gallery – Munich (Germany), 2010
Undplus Gallery Store – Berlin (Germany), 2009
Stroke #1, Helmet Gallery – Munich (Germany), 2009
Oakley Bread & Butter – Barcelona (Spain), 2008
Siren #1, Sodabooks – Munich (Germany), 2008
Around The Bloc, Nicholas Robinson Gallery – New York (USA) 2008
5,3 kg Flyer, Zerwirk – Munich (Germany), 2007
Red Bull Brandwagen – Vienna (Austria), 2006
So G‘sehn, Serie A – Munich (Germany) 2005
Finders Keepers – London (UK) 2003, Barcelona (Spain) 2004, Milan (Italy) 2005
Food Show, Die Registratur – Munich (Germany) 2004
Food Show, Magma – London (United Kingdom), 2004
Street Art WM – Tillburg (The Netherlands), 2004
Gravis Mindclouder Tour, Carharrt-Store – Berlin (Germany), Antwerp (Belgium) 2002